August 1, 2023

EBD launches BIPOC mentoring program

Over the last several months, the EDB has teamed with Rachel Askew and Grant Twyman of NEXT Consulting Firm to understand the needs of the BIPOC business community and establish meaningful initiatives to support them. The recent launch of the EDB Mentoring Program is a significant milestone in that effort.

The inaugural program paired nine Pierce County BIPOC business owners/professionals with EDB board members. Each month, mentors and mentees meet one-on-one to discuss various topics, such as career/business growth, effective people management, and feedback exchange. The duos also have the option to incorporate additional themes and exercises.

Empowering for all

The four-month mentorship program is designed to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster personal and professional growth for everyone involved. It helps to create a supportive and empowering environment for BIPOC businesses while expanding the EDB’s network in establishing a more diverse, inclusive and thriving economic ecosystem.

“Our hope and expectations are that BIPOC business leaders and professionals in our community have the chance to build authentic networking relationships that mutually benefit the participant, the EDB and our community at large,” Askew said. “Even at the early stage of the program, participants have already made connections that support business growth.”


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