April 5, 2021

EDB team launches Trade-Logistics Strategic Plan


To learn more about Tacoma-Pierce County’s trade-logistics sector and how to propel its growth, visit edbtacomapierce.org/logistics/.

Supply chain is all about knowing how to adapt. So when you bring together a group of supply chain leaders to create a strategy to move the sector forward in Tacoma-Pierce County, they’re going to get it done – global pandemic or not.

After months of virtual meetings, planning sessions and working drafts, the EDB’s Trade-Logistics Cluster Acceleration Team launched the Trade-Logistics Strategic Plan March 30 during a virtual event streamed live from NewCold Advanced Cold Logistics. The event featured an in-depth video overview of the strategic plan, along with a welcome message from team co-chairs Tong Zhu, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Strategy Office of The Northwest Seaport Alliance, and Troy Goodman, Vice President, Seaport Sound Terminal.

A small-bite approach

“The pandemic was certainly a twist, but this diverse group of supply chain professionals quickly adjusted and did excellent work in a short amount of time,” Zhu said. “As a result, we have a well thought out document that will help move our industry ahead.”

The team took a pragmatic approach, Zhu said, laying out its five-year strategy in bite-size pieces. “So many of these types of initiatives are full of lofty goals that are hard to attain.”

With a vision to create career jobs, economic prosperity, a healthy environment and an inclusive community, the plan includes three key initiatives. Individually, these are all great proposals. Collectively, they’re a recipe for success.

  • Community Education. Community support is critical to the sector’s success. These strategies will help boost its value and visibility:
    • Develop a database for business and stakeholder contact
    • Create a communication plan than enables consistent messaging
    • Establish an ambassador program to connect professionals with students and the community
    • Produce an annual report that shares critical information with the community
  • Policy Advocacy. A collective voice makes for a stronger trade-logistics sector and community. The strategic plan calls for more efforts and events to align and amplify advocacy.
  • Workforce Development. How do we grow as a magnet for trade and supply chain work in Tacoma-Pierce County?
    • Leverage ambassadors and other groups and organizations to make connections in the Pierce County workforce
    • Build relationships with education leaders and state and local legislators
    • Develop programs that connect students and residents with community employers
    • Connect workforce partners with underserved communities

Virtual teamwork

Kudos to the team members who made it happen: Co-chairs Troy Goodman, SeaPort Sound Terminal, and Tong Zhu, The Northwest Seaport Alliance; Debbie Bingham, City of Tacoma Community & Economic Development Department; Frank Boykin, Manufacturing Industrial Council; Betty Capestany, Pierce County Economic Development Department; Markiss Cooper, iHAUL Delivery; Kathleen Deakins (facilitator), JayRay; Bruce Martin and Scotty Pennington, WestRock; Mark Miller, MacMillan Piper; Jacqueline Moffo (administrator), Economic Development Board for Tacoma- Pierce County; Kierra Phifer and Tisha Stril, Puget Sound Energy; Matt Richardson, NewCold; Gwen Salisbury, Sound Brokerage International LLC; Greg Unterbink, Ports of America; and Karen Zima, RoadOne Intermodal Logistics.

The plan may be finished, but the work is just beginning. To learn more about Tacoma-Pierce County’s trade-logistics sector and how to help propel its growth, visit edbtacomapierce.org/logistics/. You can also reach out to Jacqueline Moffo at [email protected].

Dovetailing with the Port of Tacoma Strategic Plan 

The Trade-Logistics Strategic Plan will mesh nicely with the Port of Tacoma’s new strategic plan, which is scheduled for final adoption by the Port commission in April. Check out the Port’s draft plan at portoftacoma.com/about/strategic-plan.


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