August 14, 2018

Introducing the Manufacturing Industrial Council

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The Voice for the Manufacturing, Industrial and Maritime Community in the South Sound

A New Coalition for South Sound Manufacturing

Manufacturing has a new voice. Today we announce the new Manufacturing Industrial Council for the South Sound. The manufacturing, industrial and maritime community is a key part of the South Sound economy and needs a group exclusively dedicated to its interests. This is especially true as local leaders embark on a Subarea Plan to determine the future of the Tacoma Tideflats.

The Manufacturing Industrial Council takes over the rallying cry of The Place for Jobs, which successfully built a broad-based coalition of employers, workers, educators and leaders who believe that creating and preserving jobs in the South Sound is the foundation for a prosperous region, a clean environment and a healthy, thriving community.

Now the Place for Jobs is transitioning to a more focused mission as the Manufacturing Industrial Council for the South Sound, which will maintain our same shared community values, that the South Sound can have economic prosperity, environmental protection, social equity and public safety.

Advocating for Jobs and Industrial Areas

The Manufacturing Industrial Council for the South Sound is led by Director Meredith Neal, an urban and environmental planner, former member of the Tacoma Planning Commission and former project manager for MRF Construction in Tacoma. You can contact Meredith at

The new group promotes and enhances a positive business climate for manufacturing and related industries. The group is dedicated to safeguarding and improving people’s lives, creating a sustainable environment, and providing the jobs that anchor Washington’s economy.

Because of the impending Subarea Plan, the group’s initial focus is creating and maintaining jobs in the Tacoma Tideflats but will broaden over time to include other industrial areas around the South Sound.

The Manufacturing Industrial Council will hold regular meetings and will issue calls to action on important issues through its email list and social media channels. Supporters in the community are welcome to join the group.

To learn more about how to get involved, go to, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter


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