May 24, 2018

NewCold, a successful EDB recruitment

Pierce County WA economic development EDB NewCold cold storage logistics Tacoma groundbreaking

“Thank you to the City of Tacoma. They have been extremely helpful and welcoming to us. They want us here.” 

-Joe Bundrant, CEO, Trident Seafoods

We’ve been talking about NewCold for over a year, but holding discussions and negotiations with NewCold for nearly 4 years.

Today’s Grand Opening was grand, indeed. With a crowd of ~400 people in attendance, the Dutch company rolled out a welcome fit for a king… king salmon from Trident Seafoods, that is.

Attendees toured the warehouse and noshed on a light lunch of fish & chips, courtesy of the building’s tenants Trident Seafoods and Simplot. Jonas Swarttouw, business development manager for NewCold, maintained his years-long streak of having stroopwafel at every gathering he attends.

 NewCold groundbreaking, October 2016

 Under construction, summer 2017

Ride a pallet through the warehouse and read about what’s inside

Twitter feed from the Grand Opening

“This is the first location in the US; it has always been my dream. This huge building is tech- and sustainability-driven but customers are the heart of our business.”

-Bram Hage, COE, NewCold


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