September 11, 2018

The new MIC promotes shared values

Manufacturing Industrial Council: A voice for the South Sound  
With the aim to create a voice for the region’s manufacturing,industrial and maritime communities, the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber recently launched the Manufacturing Industrial Council (MIC) for the South Sound. The mission of the MIC is to promote and enhance a healthy South Sound economy and the shared values of economic, social and environmental stewardship for manufacturing and related industries that operate within the region. The EDB is a partner in the MIC.
Meredith Neal is the newly appointed director of the MIC. Over the next year, she’ll focus primarily on the Tacoma Tideflats area before expanding the Council’s reach across Tacoma-Pierce County. “This is one of our most important areas,” said Neal, who has years of experience in construction project management, urban planning and organizational development. “Creating the MIC acknowledges our rich maritime and industrial heritage. We’re fortunate to have a deep-water port. It’s a vital driver of our local economy and a fundamental part of our identity. It’s also where we have a lot of good, family-wage jobs. We need to maintain that.”
Creation of the MIC will help spread the word about the South Sound’s industrial and port/maritime sectors and help people better understand what we have, what we’re manufacturing and what kinds of jobs exist. Neal looks forward to sharing those stories and expects people might be surprised to learn all that’s happening in Tacoma.
“When people think about the Port of Tacoma and the Tideflats, they think about what they can see from afar-the paper mill, storage tanks, cranes,” Neal said. “But there are many different businesses of all sizes there and they are all reliant on each other.  The MIC will reaffirm the partnerships between businesses and find ways they can better support one another.”
A soft launch of the MIC happened Aug. 14 with the unveiling of the Council’s website and social media presence. A kick-off event on Sept. 26 will make things official. The event is open to the public. Visit for more information and to register.

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