April 5, 2021

The Northwest Seaport Alliance forges ahead

Despite last year’s unprecedented challenges, The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) is forging ahead. During the March 30 State of the Alliance, NWSA Chief Executive Officer John Wolfe and other leaders and team members shared the latest on new vessel services, recent initiatives and solutions that are growing the gateway.

Here are some highlights of the video presentation:

  • Congestion solutions. The NWSA is positioned to relieve congestion felt at other West Coast ports, has excess terminal capacity and is one of the few gateways in North America with plans to bring on additional cargo terminal capacity in the near term.
  • New vessel services. Companies are taking advantage of the NWSA’s competitive advantage. Three new weekly ocean services are coming to the gateway first quarter 2021: Wan Hai Lines, CMA CGM and Zim. In March, Zim launched a new expedited transpacific service at the Port of Tacoma’s Husky Terminal.
  • Cargo volumes bounce back. After a tough year, gateway volumes rebounded by fourth quarter 2020, and exceeded 2019 fourth-quarter volumes.
  • Legislation creates equitable return on assessments. The Water Resources Development Act of 2020 includes a provision that ensures the NWSA receives an equitable ratio of dollars in the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund.
  • Terminal improvements. Investments in Husky Terminal have increased capacity, reduced street congestion and improved freight mobility. Eight ultra-large, ship-to-shore container cranes have been added, and enhanced highway access is streamlining agricultural exports from Eastern Washington.
  • 2020 North Star Award winnersMacMillan-Piper received the Cargo Anchor Award, which recognizes a business whose activities grow cargo volumes and spur economic activity in the region. MacMillan-Piper was recognized for its warehouse expansion in the Tacoma harbor and the launch of its new logistics division, which provides freight brokerage services throughout the US. SSA Marine received the Environmental Stewardship Award for their implementation of several environmental programs that are reducing pollution in the Puget Sound region.

“More cargo means more jobs, new infrastructure means greater efficiencies, and better customer service means goods are getting to the markets to support families across the Puget Sound and the Midwest,” said Dick Marzano, NWSA managing member co-chair and Port of Tacoma Commission president. “Together, we navigated the uncertainty of last year, and it’s together that we will forge ahead, making 2021 not only a year of recovery, but a year of success.”

Did you miss it? Watch the State of the Alliance 2021.


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