January 18, 2024

Voltage Park Selects Centeris Data Center

Voltage Park selects Centeris Data Centers for its Massive New Cloud for AI Development


Machine Learning Infrastructure Provider cites Available Capacity, Clean Power, Low Operating Cost, Sales and Use Tax Exemption as Key Factors


SEATTTLE, WA, January 17, 2024 – Voltage Park, a next generation cloud provider for AI, has chosen Centeris Data Centers for one of its primary facilities as it launches globally. With approximately 24,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs, Voltage Park’s cloud is one of the most powerful collections of cutting-edge machine learning compute in the world.

Voltage Park’s mission is to make machine learning infrastructure accessible to all, from large enterprises and research universities, to seed-stage startups and nonprofits.

“We had a specific set of criteria that we were looking for in a partner facility we’ve found Centeris to be an excellent fit,” said Voltage Park CEO, Eric Park. “We’re looking forward to working closely with The Benaroya Company as we grow and further our mission.”

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Voltage Park turned to Centeris because of available capacity for its 10+MW deployment, clean hydroelectric power to build out responsibly, low operating costs, water cooling availability, and a sales and use tax exemption. Centeris also offers close proximity to SeaTac international airport and a friendly, responsive team focused on customer success.

“We are pleased Voltage Park found Centeris Data Center to be such an excellent fit for their multi-faceted requirements”, said Centeris Principal, Larry Benaroya. “We are delighted to welcome them and look forward to supporting them through their rapid, global expansion and delivery of new and exciting machine learning services.”  He added “I want to congratulate and thank ESHB 1846’s prime sponsor, Rep. April Berg (D-44) who recognized and promoted the positive economic development an urban data center tax preference policy could bring to our state.”

“Voltage Park’s choice of the Centeris Data Center is a testament to the strategic advantages our region offers,” said Senator Chris Gildon (R-25) This partnership not only propels technological innovation but also brings substantial job opportunities thereby solidifying our commitment to shaping the future of AI and economic and technology growth and development in Pierce County.”

Voltage Park clusters are already serving exciting AI companies like Imbue, Character.ai and Atomic AI.  They expect their remaining compute to come online in the coming months.

“We congratulate Centeris Data Center on being selected by Voltage Park as a primary location for its global launch,” said Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier. “We’re thrilled they have chosen Pierce County to construct and operate a future-focused next generation Cloud AI operation, demonstrating we’re an attractive home for cutting edge companies providing jobs of the future. The Voltage Park project brings significant investments, including 200 high-paying construction jobs for our residents.”


About Voltage Park:

Voltage Park is a next generation cloud company focused on machine learning infrastructure. It’s currently deploying over 24,000 NVIDIA H100 GPU’s with a mission of making machine learning infrastructure available and accessible to all. For more information visit voltagepark.com.


About Centeris:

Centeris is a leading provider of data center solutions for mission critical IT applications and systems infrastructure located in the Seattle area. Privately held by The Benaroya Company, Centeris possesses the operational flexibility coupled with the financial strength to respond to clients’ current and future requirements with speed and certainty. For more information visit www.centeris.com


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