August 21, 2023

Affordable funding option for manufacturing and processing projects

The Economic Development Corporation of Pierce County (EDCPC) offers an affordable loan option for manufacturing and processing businesses looking to expand or relocate their facilities.

The EDCPC, working in tandem with and staffed by the Economic Development Board for Tacoma-Pierce County, is a public corporation that issues tax-free Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRBs) for projects across Pierce County. The federal IDRB program offers below-market financing for qualified projects. No public money backs the bonds, and borrowers are fully liable for repayment and must obtain private backing. With interest rates for capital projects on the rise, IDRBs are an excellent choice.

The EDCPC’s role is to evaluate project proposals, support businesses as they work through the bond process, and advocate for bond approval before the Pierce County Council.

For more information about IDRB funding, contact Tamsin Bell, EDB Vice President of Business Development, at or 253.284.5889.


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