December 1, 2022

Alana M. Hill: The power of managed change

One thing the last two and half years taught us is that change happens. When it does, it’s not only critical for business leaders to adapt, but also manage change to create more inclusive, resilient and competitive organizations.

International change leadership expert and author Alana M. Hill offered 2022 EDB Annual Meeting attendees an inspiring message about how to lead meaningful change in their own lives to benefit their businesses and the community.

“Businesses are only as resilient as their owners,” Hill said. “If you can’t get back up after difficulty, neither can your business.” 

Finding your catalyst

In Pierce County, change is the key to creating innovation, equity and jobs. But to make change happen, there needs to be a catalyst. Leaders must be willing to ask themselves, “Why am I here, why does it matter and why and I important?”

Here are some takeaways from Hill’s keynote message:

  • Know yourself. “It’s important to identify both your strengths and weaknesses. Determine where you excel, but also where you don’t. Look in the mirror and ask, ‘What do I do with what I am?’”
  • Know your unique purpose. “Your catalyst is your purpose, passion and priorities. When you know what guides you, it helps you to be a more effective leader at work and at home.”
  • Make a strategic plan. “What do you need to put in place to achieve the vision you have for yourself, your community and your family? When we create a strategic plan, we don’t just factor in the outcome. We identify what to do next to sustain it.”
  • Sharpen someone else. “When we use our talents and time to benefit someone else, it not only creates a cycle of giving, but also holds you more accountable. Ask how you can help or support someone else as part of the change they need to succeed. Be intentional about paying it forward.”

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