July 8, 2024

EDB investors get the lay of the land at Tehaleh

The mountain was out and the vibe was chill for the June 5 EDB Investor Briefing at Tehaleh.

Brookfield Properties hosted the briefing, which included networking, lunch, and a bus and walking tour of the master-planned community in Bonney Lake.

As part of the investor tour and presentation, Brookfield Properties Senior Vice President of Operations Scott Jones offered a snapshot of what makes Tehaleh a prime spot for businesses and their employees. Over the next 10 years the mixed-use community will grow to become a 4,700-acre mixed-use planned community within Pierce County’s Urban Growth area, featuring:

  • 475 acres dedicated to employment uses.
  • 8 million square feet of commercial space.
  • Up to 9,700 homes.
  • 40+ miles of trails.
  • 1,800 acres of open space.
  • A range of housing options for all employee levels.
  • A desirable community setting that helps attract and retain employees.
  • In-place infrastructure.

Tehaleh is also a hotbed for employment. Today, the development generates 400 direct and 750 indirect annual construction related jobs and supports more than 35 in-home and on-site businesses. Over the next 25 years, it’s estimated that the project will employ more than 9,800 direct and nearly 19,000 indirect full-time employees.

“The future looks green,” District 1 Pierce County Council member Dave Morrell said. “It was great to have the opportunity to share Tehaleh’s community and the forest way of life with EDB investors and showcase all the mixed-use, master-planned community has to offer. The balance of diverse housing, open space and commercial/industrial property is doing development right.”

EDB investors who were unable to attend the Tehaleh event can contact Scott Jones to schedule a tour. You can also view the presentation Jones shared here.


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