February 1, 2022

EDB ponders recommendations to recast work program

The January issue of Onward featured an article about how the EDB is working with the University of Tacoma Washington Global Innovation and Design Lab. With a focus on extending its reach to the local business community in response to the pandemic, systemic racism and economic hardships, the EDB asked the GID Lab team to apply human-centered design to help improve its 2021-25 work program.

Following a mini-EDB board retreat in December to brainstorm ideas and create prototypes, the GID Lab team issued a formal report on the collaborative work.

Setting the stage for implementation

The GID Lab report identifies three themes as priorities for the EDB:

    • Build an inclusive business community
    • Connect the EDB to job seekers
    • Connect the EDB to businesses

The report also lays out implementation of prototypes by levels of challenge: easy, mid-level and long-term.

“We look forward to digging in deeper,” said EDB President Bruce Kendall. “We’re pivoting to meet the challenges in the future. It all coincides with the mission of the EDB.”


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