February 1, 2021

EDB welcomes 2021 leaders, and a new approach

A new year means the gavel has been passed at the EDB. Herb Simon, Partner with Simon Johnson LLC, is the new EDB Chair; Brian Marlow, President of the South Puget Sound Market with KeyBank, is Vice Chair; and Greg Unruh, CEO of Trouves Health Care Corporation is Immediate Past Chair. Other executive committee members are Lisa Goodman, Benaroya Company Director of Marketing; City of Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards; Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier; and Eric Johnson, Port of Tacoma Executive Director.

Additional board changes will be announced, soon. The board selection and election process this year comes a little later than usual, and for good reason. Just as the EDB updated its vision and mission to reflect its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, beginning January 1, the EDB changed its board recruitment policy to ensure diverse leadership.

“As we work to fill several board positions, we do so through a new lens,” Herb Simon said. “In the end, we will not only have a stronger board, we’ll have a stronger business community.”

Leading the effort was the EDB’s Board Development and Bylaws Review Committee, made up of seven EDB Board members and co-chaired by Brian Marlow and Lisa Goodman. The committee reviewed the current board makeup and board member selection process and made recommendations for improvements. The process also included making changes to EDB bylaws.

“We want the EDB board to be the best possible decision-making body,” Marlow said. “Diversity is essential to getting us there.”

During the process, the committee realized their work went beyond bylaws and board recommendations, Marlow said. “Making these recommendations didn’t end the conversation, it just started it. Now the question is, ‘How do we commit to continuing the conversation and keep us all marching forward?’”

“The EDB stands committed to doing what we can to counter systemic racism,” said EDB President Bruce Kendall. “These steps are an important beginning.”

On December 17, 2020, the EDB Board accepted the recommendations of the Board Development and Bylaws Review Committee in their entirety. You can read them here.


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