February 1, 2024

EDB welcomes new board members

The EDB is pleased to announce that 12 South Sound business leaders have been added to its board of directors over the last several months.

New board members include:

Driving the economic engine

“Being an EDB Board member is both a privilege and a responsibility,” Thuli Lushaba said. “It’s about actively shaping a community that values every voice and leverages the unique perspectives that come from a varied populace. Collectively, I believe we can make strides toward a more inclusive, prosperous and vibrant community and ensure Pierce County is a destination of choice on a national and international stage.”

Lushaba is especially interested in outreach and policies that support the South Sound’s homegrown businesses – today and beyond. “We need to be in the trenches with local businesses, understand their challenges and help them to thrive,” she said. “We also need to ensure that the youth have pathways to success and that we’re not just building a workforce for today but cultivating the leaders of tomorrow.”

“As an industrial real estate broker, my livelihood depends on the economic health of the Tacoma-Pierce County region,” Matt McLennan said. “Being a member of the Board allows me to actively support the businesses I work so closely with while using my knowledge and skills to strengthen the EDB’s efforts.”

Working with the EDB to ensure the continued health of the South Sound’s trade and export business is of particular importance to McLennan. “Each property can be drawn as a step in the logistics chains that start overseas and feed into our region and beyond,” he said. “Being a part of this economic engine is exciting.”

“This stellar group truly represents our diverse and vibrant community,” EDB President Bruce Kendall said. “Their valuable perspectives are key to helping the EDB fulfill its mission to spur private capital investment, job creation, and diversity, equity and inclusion for Tacoma-Pierce County businesses.”


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