December 5, 2019

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Completes Purchase of AIM Aerospace

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Co., LTD. Announces Acquisition of AIM AEROSPACE and Its Six Subsidiaries.

On Thursday, November 21, 2019 SEKISUI CHEMICAL publicly announced the finalization of its purchase of AIM Aerospace.

SEKISUI CHEMICAL is a Japanese company with over 26,000 employees and corporate headquarters in both Osaka and Tokyo. SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s product portfolio is diverse, and includes plastics, foams, adhesives, medical products, housing materials and more.¬† The purchase of AIM Aerospace will expand SEKISUI CHECMICAL’s Mobility Materials division, which currently targets Automobiles and Transportation. This purchase rounds out a very exciting year for AIM Aerospace who has consistently been one of Pierce County’s largest employers.

We are looking forward to seeing the continued success of this Pierce County business, and would like extend an official congratulations to the SEKISUI AEROSPACE CORPORATION!

Information gathered from SEKISUI CHEMICAL press releases found here.




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